Our Fin-tech Network allows us to acquire brick and mortar retail chains, financial service providers and small to large community organizations around the world to synergistically provide a needed service to participating members and to a global public. The purpose is to broaden the product offering to their clients; introduce new revenue streams to the brick & mortar retail chains and expand the financial service provider’s ability to service a larger territory.

We are growing our electronic payment transaction organization by providing processing platforms, for a variety of industries such as, payroll, merchant processing, money transfers, construction, mortgage industry ect.

CNET’s mission is to help establish a network of financial services that will allow us to offer plug and play financial services technology to our clients in each country that can be uploaded to Kiosk or POS equipment to help support and expand theirs and our brand.

CNET’s business is first and foremost about making sure our clients and the end users are satisfied and are provided the resources they require to substantiate the continued use of our services.
Our company will offer significantly greater opportunities through synergy relationships that our clients can tap into. We’ve implemented a system that allows our clients to preserve precious time, effort and expenses related to creating systems that pre-exist. The benefit is that they take advantage of reliable technology and get on to the business of making money.